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This website is dedicated to The Catholic University of America’s part-time faculty. Whether you are a long-time or newly hired part-time faculty member, the resources below will assist you in navigating the University’s policies and procedures as well as federal guidelines and regulations that govern institutions of higher education. Please take a moment to review the menu items under “Resources” to familiarize yourself with all the information available to you. 

Part-Time Faculty Committee 

In early 2016, Provost Andrew Abela convened an ad hoc committee of part-time faculty. It met several times to discuss the interests and needs of the University's part-time faculty members. The committee reached out for the opinions and advice of part-time faculty with an online survey in spring and summer 2016 that went to about 600 individuals. The committee received approximately 240 responses and based on them sent a formal proposal to the Provost with its recommendations for action items, which he will report on at the February 5, 2018, town hall meeting. In December 2017, Provost Abela announced that he has removed the designation “Ad Hoc” from the committee’s name.

The current composition of the committee is as follows:

Kiran R. Bhutani, Chair (Mathematics)

David Clark (Anthropology)

Fleta A. Hylton (Music)

Jim Quirk (Politics)

Janet Timbie (Semitics)

Susan Timoney (Theology)

Ruth White (Social Service)

Raymond J. Wyrsch (Busch Business School)


Town Hall Meetings

The Committee on Part-Time Faculty convened the first Town Hall meeting for part-time faculty on November 16, 2016.

 It is also hosting the second Town Hall meeting for part-time faculty on February 5, 2018, from 5 to 6 p.m. in Great Room A of the Pryzbyla Center. It expects to convene town hall meetings annually. At the February 5 Town Hall meeting, University President John Garvey will present the first annual Part-Time Faculty Awards for Teaching Excellence.