The Catholic University of America

Grading and Course Evaluations


Grading must comply with the Academic Graduate Grades and Grade Report policy set by the university.

Submitting Grades

Grades must be submitted by the last week of term. The deadline for submitting grades for graduating students is generally a day before all other students. Grades are submitted through Cardinal Station, which can be accessed at

Instructions for entering grades in Cardinal Station are available in PDF here.


Because students in our program must pass a comprehensive examination in order to earn their degree, the exam-taking experience is an important part of their graduate study. In light of this, faculty are encouraged to give in-class, essay-type exams where appropriate. 

Course Evaluations 

Students complete course evlauations throughout their programs.  Students not only rate the courses and the instructors, but also evaluate whether the outcomes for the courses were obtained.  Effective Fall 2017, all course evaluations are conducted online. 

Course Evaluation Reports

Evaluations are used to evaluate the instructor's qualifications for promotion, reappointment or continuous employment as well as to adjust curriculum and course assignments. Any member of the university community - students, instructors, staff -- may access the course evaluation reports. The student comments in response to open-ended questions are shared only with the individual instructor and the administration. The university has updated the online evaluation reports; note that these reports now do include the student comments to open-ended questions. To access course evaluations, please visit the Instutional Research and Assessment website.